In February of 2009 I took the whole family on a trip to Las Vegas for my daughter’s wedding. Of course this joyous event was the peak of my vacation that year but it also afforded me some great opportunities to further my hobby as well. We rented a house in the eastern hills of the city that overlooked the whole area looking westward. We were also just a couple of miles south of Nellis AFB and that created some great plane spotting chances especially in the morning. Heck, I even saw an F-111 attack bomber flying out of there one day. I was shocked since I thought that plane had been long retired.

   Of course once you are that close you must see the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. Even though it is expensive the best way to get the the canyon was to fly there. This inspired me to create my Vision Air repaints and flight plans, a project that is still in progress (see the downloads section).

   Now KLAS is a whole story in itself. This was one of my favorite airports even before I ever went there. I was using the old payware scenery that came with Just Flight’s World Airports II. A nice piece of work to be sure but quite dated. After the trip I purchase the new KLAS from FS Dreamteam. They are a little touchy over there attitude wise but they make some terrific scenery. So why am I blathering away here in the screen shots section? It’s my website so I can do what I want, but besides that, check out the images below. I think you will find it interesting.

Below: Some of the real life shots that inspired my screen captures.
IMG_2024_Virgin01.jpg IMG_2461.jpg IMG_2462.jpg IMG_2467_Janet01.jpg IMG_2470_Janet02.jpg IMG_2471_sands.jpg
And the screen shots:
screenshot4124.jpg screenshot1668.jpg screenshot1699.jpg screenshot1700.jpg screenshot1701.jpg screenshot1771.jpg screenshot1774.jpg screenshot1775.jpg screenshot1942.jpg screenshot1944.jpg screenshot1945.jpg screenshot1946.jpg screenshot1949.jpg